Did you know that?



Did you know that extra virgin olive oil is “pure Olive juice”, without any preservatives, extracted in a natural way by means of mechanic procedures in cold.

Did you know that as a natural product, and unlike wine, oil does not improve with time, since due to the effect of oxidation oil loses its fruity tastes; therefor the most sensible thing is to consume it within one year after its production. However, well-preserved oil can last up to 24 months without losing its organoleptic characteristics.

Did you know that air, light and heat afect olive oil, so it is advisable to store it properly at ambient temperature, somewhere where it does not receive direct sun light and in a closed bottle.

Did you know that the color of oil has nothing to do with its taste or aroma. The color of oil does not determine its quality. Color is determined by the variety.

Did you know that the use of extra virgin olive oil produces a decrease of cholesterol in blood, with the particular characteristic that, while it maintains the HDL cholesterol levels, which is the one that protects against arteriosclerosis, it reduces considerably the presence of LDL (harmful cholesterol).

Did you know that having a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis.

Did you know that a great majority of doctors think that extra virgin olive oil prevents from oxidation, makes cardiovascular flow easier and helps delay the ageing process, as well as making digestion easier, it reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases and helps to keep blood pressure low.

Did you know that extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and especially in vitamin E.