The farm



The Can Companyó farm has been, since the 12th century, a referent location as far as agricultural production is concerned. Nowadays, we still continue with this tradition, although we do so by adapting new production technologies and techniques.

By taking advantage of the characteristics of this farm land and the typical mini-climate of its location between the regions of La Selva and El Gironès, reached frequently by the Garbí wind but very rarely by the Tramuntana one, we have developed a crop of ‘arbequina’ olive-trees which, after a process still mostly hand-made, allows us to offer an extra-virgin olive oil with the best virtues of the arbequina variety olives.

The main masia* at Can Companyó, surrounded by olive trees, is the supporting point of the farm. It was built in the 12th century, integrated in the landscape, with the sensibility of the rural culture. It is situated in the middle of farm lands and forests belonging to the rural estate; these lands are separated by the road C-35, the way to the Costa Brava.

* A ‘Masia’ is a typical Catalan country house. (N. of the T.)