Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Companyó: Box of 4 tins of 2,5 l.

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1 can(s) = 32.50 €

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Companyó

This oil is a natural product, authentic juice of Arbequina olives grown on our farm Can Companyó in  Girona (Catalonia), Spain.

The olives are harvested at the optimum moment mechanically, to prevent the olives are in contact with the ground and extract the oil as quickly. This process results Can Companyó our precious oil. It is smooth, soft, light, aromatic and fruity.


Envio.JPG  Box of:

Number: 4 Units.

Type of bottle: 2,5 l.

Material of the bottle: Tin.

Colour of the bottle: Opacity.

Shape: Rectangular.

Cap: Non-drip.

Variedad.JPG Type of oil:

Variety: 100% Arbequina olives.

Classification: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Analisis_Quimico.JPG Senses analysis:

Colour: Green.

Smell: Fresh Fruity. Aromas with almond, tomato and fresh vegetables.

Taste: Soft spicy, bitter light and intense sweetness.

Analisis_Quimico_1.JPG Chemical analysis:

Acidity: < 0,3.

Peroxides: < 20 meq O2 / Kg.

K232: < 2,5.

K270: < 0,2.

Delta-K: < 0,1.

Elaboracion.JPG Production:

Recollection: From the end of October until the end of November.

Recollection System: Manual and Mechanic.

Crushing: On the same day as the recollection.

Crushing System: First extraction in cold.


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