The process



The elaboration of the arbequina olive oil at Can Companyó is completely traditional in its concept. We make first-class oil from the first pressing, in cold, and only thanks to certain mechanic processes, from our own olives, which allow us to guarantee the best quality for our product.

The elaboration process is as follows: when the olive has reached its optimum point of ripeness, it is collected from the tree manually or mechanically and within the next 24 hours it is taken to the mill. There, as soon as they arrive, the olives are separated from the remains of tree leaves that fell during the recollection process and washed in order to be able to be treated in the crushing process.

Once the olives are clean, they go through the mill, where they are crushed, and the olive pulp is obtained. This pulp then goes through mixers where it is homogenized for some time so that later on it is easier to separate solids (olive-bone residues) and liquids (water and olive oil) in the centrifuge. Once the pulp has been separated from the liquids, the only other thing to do is to separate water from oil. To do so, the remaining liquid is taken through a vertical centrifuge, thus obtaining our final product: oil.

In order to guarantee the best product quality, the oil is stored in stainless-steel tanks. It is bottled later on and distributed for its commercialization.


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