How to keep an EVOO

Tips to preserve Can Companyó extra virgin olive oil in its optimum conditions.

Our extra virgin olive oil is a pure olive juice without preservatives or coloring, and although its duration is much greater than other juices, we must keep it properly so that it does not lose its properties and maintain its original aroma and flavor.

Being a natural product, its properties can be altered over time, so it is important to consume it in the period indicated as Best before end in the packaging.

1. Beware of light:

Light is recognized as the greatest enemy of oil. The enriched reactions are catalyzed by light, causing:

• Oil discoloration.

• Formation of secondary oxidation compounds.

• Altering taste and odor.

• Lost in vitamin E content and poly phenols.

We recommend keeping it in a dark place in your kitchen, such as inside a cupboard. We minimize the effect of light by packing in dark glass, or in cans, as they keep it away from light.

2. Beware of air:

The air accelerates the decomposition of the oil, so it’s important to always close the bottles, cans or containers that contain the oil after use. The air accelerates the oxidation process. It’s important that the bottles are not left almost half unused for months.

3. Beware of fumes and smells:

As far as possible, we must remove the extra virgin olive oil from vapors or fumes generated during cooking, as it will transmit bad tastes, contaminate it and spoil it as time goes by. Extra virgin olive oil is a sponge that absorbs all smells.

4. Beware of heat:

The ideal preservation temperature of our extra virgin olive oil is between 16 and 22 degrees. If stored at lower temperatures, the oil will start to solidify due to its high content of oleic acid. It will be possible to observe that there are white particles and pellets in suspension which are no more than the solidified vegetable fat and that they will melt again as the ambient temperature rises without disturbing the properties or the taste of the extra virgin olive oil. It is important not to subject the extra virgin olive oil to constant and sudden changes of temperature.